Get A Grip Wisconsin Countertop Paint

Visit Get A Grip Wisconsin Countertop Paint

Get A Grip Wisconsin is the premier countertop and bathtub resurfacing company in the Madison area. Owners Rich & Ryan Johnson joined the nationwide network of Get A Grip, Inc. to transform the resurfacing industry in their area, and provide quality workmanship and extraordinary customer service.

Say the Johnsons, “The product speaks for itself, and the folks at Get A Grip are constantly coming up with new idea and products, plus our customer service can’t be beat.”

Serving homeowners, property managers, apartments, hotels, motels, resorts, and government institutions, Get A Grip Wisconsin leads the ever-changing resurfacing industry in the area. We help people concerned with keeping material out of the landfill, yet who want to make their environment more pleasing in an affordable way.


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