Get A Grip Albuquerque Countertop Paint

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In 1998, Ryan Dillard left Dallas in a red Jeep, carrying only a few belongings and a desire to take a break from his studies at Southern Methodist University. His plan? To visit family in the mountains of New Mexico and to think about the direction of his life. The furthest thing from his mind was starting a family business that would blaze a trail in the resurfacing industry.

During Ryan’s visit, he discovered how someone could restore worn bathtubs and countertops―without removal. He also saw the potential to reach out to a larger clientele. He called his parents, Cub and Sharon Dillard, and told them they had to come to Albuquerque to expand this unique business opportunity, Get A Grip.

Put yourselves in Cub and Sharon’s shoes. The two were top executives with many years invested in their work. Their 21-year-old son was urging them to give up their jobs, their home, their lifestyle, and move to Albuquerque. They thought he was crazy, or maybe suffering from altitude sickness.

Ryan didn’t give up. He kept calling until Sharon came to Albuquerque to see for herself what was making her son so excited. She got it immediately.

“Everything seemed to fall into place,” says Sharon. “Right down to a house in the mountains that I’d admired for years, that was now for sale. I’ve always believed when it’s right, it’s easy!”

In 1999, Sharon began dividing her time between Dallas and Albuquerque. Cub stayed in Dallas, not quite convinced this was the path to take. Six months later, Sharon left her executive position to begin concentrating on marketing and advertising for Get A Grip. That convinced Cub to bring his 30 years of sales and finance experience to the growing company.

Today, Get A Grip leads the resurfacing industry in over 30 locations across the country. The company remains a true family business.


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